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Cloud Nothings at the Black Cat – Washington, DC


I believe it was from a conversation I had with photography buddy Matt Dunn on the Twitter. Perhaps it was a random song lyric of theirs he quoted. Either way, I'm extremely thankful he brought them up. That's how I found out about Cloud Nothings.

Months later, when I was checking out the upcoming Coachella line up for their 2013 series, I was very excited to see their name on the roster. Their first two albums, Turning On and the self-titled Cloud Nothings were some great lo-fi vintage rock records I appreciated, but something between their second album and 2012's Attack on Memory saw a big change. Their music got harder and heavier, and the raw energy on that album absolutely sold me.

Funny enough, nothing prepared me for the Cloud Nothings appearance at Coachella. The mild-mannered frontman, Dylan Baldi, seemed too even keel to be screaming into a microphone and producing such music. And yet I was completely enthralled with their performance. Musically, the trio puts on a blistering set that goes way beyond simple lo-fi rock and roll, but is addictively catchy. So to hear that they would be appearing at the Black Cat after having released their latest album, Here and Nowhere Else, I was eager to see what they'd be like at a smaller venue than a festival.

This go around, I was shooting for Eventseeker, The set was fantastic, but due to the continuous surges from the crowd, I could only hang up front for the first four or five songs before I got tired of fearing for my camera's safety. Because of their minimalistic music, I wanted to capture them in a similar manner: very basic, raw shots of them rocking out. Thankfully, their musical style carried over to their set – not a lot of variance with the lighting set up, so I knew once I got my shots and experimented with a few angles by the third song, I was good to escape whenever and enjoy the rest of the show from the bar.

Check out one of their songs, "I'm Not Part of Me", and take a look at the photos below! Enjoy!


Until next time,

- Patrick