The Writings

What Am I Doing? [The 2014/Explain Yo'self Edition]


*tap tap tap* Hello? Is this thing on? Test, test, one two... Hello?

Howdy! Long time, no chat! How have you been? How is the wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/mistress? What have you been up to lately? Oh, me? What have I been up to? Well, where do I begin?

How about beginning where you last left off, which was back in August of 2013?

Yeah, I suppose that would be as good a place as any. Sheesh, it's been that long since I've written anything? Well, I haven't been heeding my own advice about posting-regularly-because-people-will-think-you're-not-actually-busy-if-you-don't-update-your-blog thing, even though I have been incredibly busy with a ton of restaurant shoots, weddings, and other miscellany.

Why did you abandon me? I actually missed your ranting!



Sheesh! Alright alright! Calm down! Look, it's not you, it's me-

Cut the crap, Onofre. Why haven't you been updating your website with blog posts and podcast episodes?

Oof. Well, the podcast thing is the result of a number of issues, primarily being that nobody wants to talk to me anymore. That, and I'm aiming for big fish who are way too busy to chat with me for an hour. The combination of the two has been frustrating, to say the least. But you kids have been clamoring for more episodes, except I feel awkward rambling for 30-45 minutes about stuff.

You do that every week on the podcast.

Fair point.

And the blog?

Yeah, so, the posting thing hasn't been happening because the former content management system I was using - Wordpress - made it insanely tedious to update and post my photos of what I was doing, and their mobile app was equally tedious. And then it became a habit not to update the blog with what I was doing...

So, basically, you got lazy.

Again, fair point. Look, I'm sorry, ok! I'm working on it! In fact, as you can see, this is your proof! Check out the new home for!

Yeah, I was about to ask you about this. What's going on here? What is this?

So, as I was saying, while Wordpress was very nice and a powerful blogging platform, I wanted something that was insanely easy to update, that didn't require a ton of work just to make my posts and portfolio look pretty, and was mind-numbingly simple while being extremely versatile for all of my needs. Plus, I was getting bored with the last layout and I wanted something that emphasized my photos. You know, because I'm a photographer.

Yeah, sure you are, guy.

Hey! Not cool, voice in my head! Anyway, as I'm prone to do, I get bored with the look of my website every year or two and want something fresh and new. So, I switched to Squarespace because it's INSANELY simple to write these blog posts and fancify it up with my photos, while giving me the option to have an in-your-face, larger-than-life portfolio, AND host my podcast, should I decide to start it up again... for the third time...

Well, I have to admit: the site looks pretty cool. I like the portfolio pages and how this site looks on a computer AND on my smartphone. I guess I'll forgive you.

Thank you! It was an insane amount of work to move everything over, since Wordpress decided it didn't want to cooperate with Squarespace, which is why I had to move each podcast episode manually, by hand, from Wordpress to this site.

Sounds like fun.

Trust me, it was far from fun.

So, are we going to continue having this dialogue? Or will you finally let everyone know the answers to the bajillion questions they've all been asking you for the last six months?

Man, you are testy! Fine, I will respond to all of the questions:

  • This is the new website, which I hope is infinitely more appealing! I wanted to make it easier to access the photos in my portfolio, and to have something that was easier to update with the new images I have been creating regularly.
  • The wedding website, First Sight Imagery, is also under construction, and Andrew and I are in the process of completely rebranding every aspect of it, which is why there haven't been as many updates there, either.
  • I have no current plans of doing any podcast episodes. It got extremely time-consuming to coordinate with my guest, create an episode, edit the episode, publish the episode, and then make sure I had enough episodes in the can to put out a show every week. I mean, I was doing an episode every week - that required an insane amount of dedication! And because it was entirely a one-man operation, I just don't have the time at the moment to do a regular show along with all of the shoots I've been doing, as well as how much of my free time was being spent on creating these episodes. I'm certain my girlfriend appreciates the free time.
  • Yes, surprisingly enough, I'm still dating Noe. I don't know why she continues to put up with my crap, either - your guess is as good as mine.

So, that's the run down, kiddos! I absolutely appreciate your patience with me as I've been navigating the heavy seas of heavy demand. Gotta say, it's been OVERWHELMINGLY FANTASTIC to be shooting more restaurants over the past few months. While I absolutely love photographing for the Marine Corps, there's something about the energy of a restaurant that I will always be drawn to. I've been so proud of the photos I've been taking lately, too, that I can't wait to share them all with you!

Even though I want my website to be more focused on the images, I also want to stay in touch with you all and let you know what I'm up to - from the exciting shoots on down to the mundane day in the life (such as, tax day is coming up... {YAY}). I want to be able to share things that I find interesting a lot easier, and Squarespace gives me the ability to do that. So don't fret, my pets - you'll be hearing a lot more of me!

In the meantime, check out the site and let me know what you think! I am all ears to your questions, comments, and concerns - feedback is more than welcome! I hope this site is easier to navigate and even more enjoyable!

Until next time,

- Patrick