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Greg Laswell - U Street Music Hall

I'll be honest – and since this is my blog, I'm completely allowed to be honest, right? – I had never heard of Greg Laswell before being asked to shoot his show at the U Street Music Hall. Not a single clue who he was or what kind of music I was in for. My buddy, Andrew, shoots concerts on the regular, but ended up getting double booked and asked if I had a chance to shoot the show. I said, "sure," but what was I getting myself into?

I had never been to U Street Music Hall for a concert; my only visit came for a fashion show that was more house-party-for-wannabe-socialites-and-fashionistas than anything else, so I already came in pretty skeptical. Not humbly, I will tell you that the nice thing about being a skeptic is when you're humbled and proven wrong.

The venue was small, with little-to-zero lines to photograph. Unless I disrupted those fans who had been waiting for a good period of time to get front row seats by standing or crouching in front of them, my only angles were from the sides, which were gloriously disrupted by mic stands. It was tremendously dark with four stage lights or so. I was honestly nervous I'd get anything visually legible out of this show at all. But the nice thing about being a skeptic is when you're humbled and proven wrong.

Greg had a pleasant, very charming stage presence, sharing a few anecdotes which were very contrasting from the mellow,  music he played. The funny thing is that I really related to his music, being a tremendous fan of that kind of simple sound that I can pour myself a glass of wine to and take in. Especially when he said, "friends keep telling me I should try to write happy songs, but when I did, they bored me and I hated those songs." I mean, talk about a musician after my own heart!

I really enjoyed the program and I gotta say, he has certainly created a fan! Check out some of my favorite Greg Laswell tunes over yonder for yourself, as well as my images from the show:

Until next time,

- Patrick