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Black Lips at the Black Cat – Washington, D.C.

Their passion for and embodiment of the rock and roll lifestyle is all a part of the allure. While their shows no longer involve the vomit, piss, bandmate makeout sessions, and other shock rock antics they once conducted, their shows are still high energy with the most devoted fans, making shooting their concerts some of the most fun and entertaining rock parties a photographer can enjoy.

Having just released Underneath the Rainbow a month prior, I was excited to see the show by Atlanta, Georgia's beloved sons, since their music had more of the sonic lo-fi vintage rock of albums before, but with a matured, developed sound and a new touch of all-star producers. I last shot them three years ago, but armed with far superior equipment this time around, I was prepared and ready to crush this show amidst an environment of low lighting and high-energy crowds.

Once again, the Black Lips never disappointed, and their set was filled with so much to action by each band mate that I was truly spoiled by a wealth of scenes to shoot – from Ian winking at the camera encased in a cloud of smoke to Cole spitting into the air and then catching the gob with his mouth.

Take a look at the shows from the concert, and check out the Black Lips playlist I made to help get you in the spirit of their show! (Yes, I realize how dorky this makes me appear... so sue me!)

Black Lips-005.JPG
Black Lips-008.JPG
Black Lips-010.JPG
Black Lips-009.JPG
Black Lips-006.JPG
Black Lips-007.JPG
Black Lips-011.JPG
Black Lips-012.JPG

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- Patrick