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Hungry Lobbyist Mention! And What I've Been Up To (Ish)!


As you regular readers know, and because I'm not one to brag, this is especially difficult for me. And as you regular readers know, I'm full of shit when I say things like that. So, why not get on with the humble brag already, right?

Earlier today, when I took my face away from the mirror for a second, I noticed an alert on my phone about receiving a mention on The Twitter. And because I'm so vain, I dropped everything I was doing to check. Lo and behold, I noticed some nice words said about me, and I figured I MUST share. IMMEDIATELY.

I've done work with, and love the occasional recognition I receive, from my buddies over at FamousDC. This time, however, the author for their column "Feasting Famously", Brian Johnson, wrote up a nice little diddy called "Five websites Washingtonians should visit (but might not)". In it, he happened to mention little ol' me. Huzzah!


Now, considering he mentioned that internet users should make me a part of their daily routine, and further considering I haven't updated this blog in a while due to the 16-plus-hour-work-schedule that was the Warrior Games last week, I am thinking I'm under a significant amount of pressure! However, after returning to Washington, D.C., and finally getting settled back in, I'm back and ready to become that regular-ish part of your week!

I've got A BAJILLION (not a hyperbole) new blog posts coming up, including updates of my foray into the film photography world, my recent photography gigs, the lessons learned about this most-recent Warrior Games, and much, much more! Plus, the podcast is back and better than ever! Half of my hold up was the Warrior Games travels (did I mention I was working 16+ hours a day?), half of the hold up was the difficulty in coordinating schedules to actually conduct the interviews, and the other half is that I'm actually traveling outside of the great city of Washington, D.C., to conduct some of these interviews! Mathematically, that doesn't all add up, but I'm a photographer, not a rocket scientist.

Either way, it's great to be back in D.C. and I'm ready to catch up on some sleep! And thanks again to Brian Johnson over at The Hungry Lobbyist - a site YOU ALL should be checking out!

Until next time (which will be very soon, kiddos - I pinky swear),

- Patrick