The Writings

And So It Begins...

The Beginning of It All So, this is where it all starts, I suppose.  However, I don't feel like it's really "the beginning" - I feel like I'm looking at yet another milestone in my life.  Like the beginning of the movie "Fight Club", where Edward Norton's character has a gun in his mouth in what would be the end of the movie, but tells the story about how he got to that point.

Yeah, that's where I'm at right this instant with this blog.

For those of you just joining me, welcome.  For those who have been following me for a while, again, welcome.  Glad you could make it.  I reckon I should start by summarizing this eventual chaos that will be my blog.  I had the idea when I also came up with the idea to even be a photographer.  I absolutely didn't want this to be some vent session, where I whined and moaned about life like a prepubescent emo teenager.  I figured that cataloging my ups and downs as I tried to make it in a career I was finally, honestly passionate about would be not only useful to my readers who were trying to do the same - not just in the photography business, but any business they chose - but also to myself.  Recalling what got me to where I am now would be beneficial to all.  Not to say there won't be some personal excerpts, because there will be, as I feel this is a great way to not only showcase by abilities as a photographer, but also show that I'm a person, too.  Except, I put the blog on the back burner until I really started getting things in motion.

Well, we're in motion, thankfully.  I've still got a ways to go until I get to where I want to be - out of the food service industry and solely into the photography business - but I'm getting there.  And to think about where I was just a year ago, it blows my mind to think I'm really doing this.  A little over a year ago when I lived in New England, and for a lack of better term, shit went down.  I had a lot of personal and work things that all came to one dramatic climax and I was broke, homeless, and miserable.  I made the decision to leave everything behind and head back home to Virginia.  Since then, it's been an amazing turn of events, and I've been truly fortunate that last year made up for such a terrible year prior to it.  But, most importantly of all, I received the greatest gift on the Christmas after moving down to Virginia that would play the biggest part in everything good last year: my camera.

Since then, I've found myself.  I've discovered who I am.  An artist.  A creative, free spirit.  A family man.  An independent soul who isn't ashamed that I put people first, but that I can start putting myself first every now and then, too.  And with all of this coming to realization, and as cliché and theatrical as it may sound, I've been renewed, like a whole new person.  And, most of all, I am finally happy and at peace with myself.

Because of this, I hope that I can help spark a little creativity in everyone's life who reads this, and maybe we can all share our ideas and thoughts together.

Before I go, a few things I'd like to point out about this blog:

  • This is NOT some means for me to get all mushy and blog about my personal life.  I want this to be a source for people who want to know what it's like trying to start your own business, which can be seen as I talk about the happenings with my own.
  • Not only do I want this to be a source for starting your own business, with the focus on photography (no pun intended), but I also want it to be a source for other things related to it, such as better blogging techniques, enhancing your photography or other creative outlets (as I have other creative outlets, too), music that I find inspiring - since it plays such a major part of my life - and other things I find during this journey.
  • I will throw in musings and personal items about myself, but I want to do them primarily through a Project 365.  That way, I'm not whining to anyone who will hear like most blogs I've seen; instead, it'll be a creative outlet and also encourage me - and hopefully others -  to continue my mission I began when I first got my camera: better noticing the beauty all around us and the art in everyday things.

I know this was very long-winded, and I apologize, but it's my first blog post, so calm down!  They won't all be so lengthy, I promise!  I'm going to use the "newbie" excuse and get cracking!

I hope you all enjoy reading this blog as much as I will writing it, and I hope it enriches your life, just as you do mine!


- Patrick

P.S. Speaking of "Project 365", the photo above is my first one in the series.  It's the journal I kept while I traveled in Ecuador almost a year ago, and aside from the photography nerd in me getting giddy by using my Lens Baby, it's also a nice personal pic that reminds me of how much I've done in a year.  I look forward to accomplishing even more in 2010!  Stay tuned!