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Wild Belle w/ James Supercave at the Black Cat – Washington, DC

Noe and I were introduced to Wild Belle back on October 2012, when Natalie and Elliot Bergman opened for Passion Pit at the 9:30 Club. Since then, we've been enamored with their music – Elliot as a talented multi-instrumentalist, including the crowd-favorite tenor saxophone, and Natalie on guitar and her mesmerizingly-unique vocals. We hadn't seen them since they appeared at Coachella in 2014, so we were extremely excited to see them, since they've just released a new album, Dreamland, just last week!

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Lewis Del Mar at the Black Cat – Washington, DC

My girlfriend, Noe, and I were grabbing a night cap after attending a show at the Black Cat and ran into some acquaintances who attended the same concert. We were catching up when they interjected with a question.

"Did you know about these guys, Lewis Del Mar? We heard them on the radio and I had to stop and ask, 'who are these guys?'" Noe and I always get thrilled to hear people finding out about these guys on their own; my brother, who attends college in Florida, found out about them before I could even share their music! The buzz that has accumulated with this band has been tremendous and beyond well-deserved.

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The Brixton / Satellite Room / El Rey

I was recently asked to shoot for some of my favorite restaurants in DC, The BrixtonSatellite Room, and El Rey, who have unveiled some new items on their menus and a few new renovations to their establishments. If you're in the DC area and you're not checking out these eateries, you better have a legitimate excuse because you're missing out!

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No Coffee? No Title.

One day, I'll write a more insightful, thought-invoking blog post, but I'm lacking the proper caffeine levels to thoroughly carry out such a feat. Until then, I've been playing We Are Scientists on repeat for what seems like a bajillion hours, so enjoy a song of theirs and some photos I took of their concert to accompany it while I hunt down a pot of coffee.

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